• Head coach Andy Reid now has his first NFL championship ring after 21 years
  • He restored and still drives his dad's 92 year-old Ford Model A
  • Reid earns $7.5 million as Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs

Head Coach Andy Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV convincingly against the San Francisco 49ers, 31-20, Sunday in a game dominated by his team's star quarterback and a fierce running game. It was the Chiefs' second Super Bowl title since 1970 and the first for Reid.

Reid has been a head coach for different NFL teams for the past 21 years. He became head coach of the Chiefs in 2013 after three years as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. He's currently the fifth highest paid NFL head coach with an annual salary of $7.5 million.

In Super Bowl LIV played Sunday, it was the accurate passing of Chiefs' star QB Patrick Mahomes, and the team’s stubborn offense led by running back Damien Williams, who scored two touchdowns inside the last three minutes in a comeback that gave Reid his first ever Super Bowl victory.

The glorious win also banished the stigma of Reid being the only NFL head coach without a championship despite his previous 221 wins, which is the sixth highest among all-time NFL head coaches. He now has 222 wins.

Reid, however, is an oddball among NFL head coaches because he still drives a 92-year-old Ford Model A his father, Walter, bought for only $25 back in the 1940s. The Model A the younger Reid drives today has been restored, of course. It now includes a lot of new or refurbished parts. The engine's been changed as have most of the wood-panels that make up much of the frame.

“It’s better than Dad ever had it,” said Reid said of the refurbished car that cost him about $50,000 to rebuild and restore. “It’s something you can pass down."

Reid can easily buy a car worth six figures with his annual salary of $7.5 million as an NFL head coach. But you apparently can't replace a car that has "Dad" written all over it. Reid's dad died in 1992.

Reid used to drive the car a lot when he was a teen. His former coach still smiles when he recalls the 6 foot 3 inch-tall Reid at the wheel of this tiny automobile.

“He used to drive his parents’ 1920s Model A Ford to practice, and it was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen -- this big old guy driving this tiny little antique car. He took up almost the entire front seat,” said John Cicuto, a former coach of Reid’s at Glendale Community College near Los Angeles.

Today, however, Reid drives the Model A only occasionally, but the car still runs and it still looks funny seeing the huge but now portly Reid behind the wheel.

Andy Reid Kansas City Chiefs
For the second time in his 15 years as a head coach, Andy Reid has led the Kansas City Chiefs to a 7-0 record. Reuters