Rovio, maker of “Angry Birds,” that popular mobile game that had people slinging raging birds at mischievous pigs, is working to bring an all-new “Angry Birds” experience for the game's tenth anniversary.

Game company Rovio is working on a new “venting machine” with an “Angry Birds” theme. It's part of Rovio's “Bring the Anger” campaign meant to help an angry person release his rage in a fun way. Rovio will bring the venting machine to Times Square on Nov. 21, Thursday, as part of the campaign.

The venting machine is designed for safe venting. It looks similar to a vending machine – one of those things people tend to hit of shake when they're in the heat of anger (especially when the vending machine doesn't dispense the food or drink) – but is designed so that it's safe to punch, yell at, and shake without the fear of being crushed underneath when it tips over.

Rovio partnered with Drogo 5 for the venting machine. Players who will play with it will need to punch it, yell at it (for as loud as they can), and shake it, all in order for them to vent their repressed or unexpressed anger.

When everything is said (or yelled) and done, the venting machine will even release a prize: a small box that contains a reward for venting out. The prize remains unknown at the moment. Engadget speculates that it could be an “Angry Birds”-themed stress-relieving toy, or something that could help people deal with the stress and tension they feel inside.

"Angry Birds" is nearing its tenth anniversary. Courtesy/Rovio

Venting Machine Details

The venting machine is handmade in New York and is plush so that players can punch it to their liking. It also has handles that players can use to shake the machine. The machine is stable and won't tip over easily. It's designed for kids and adults alike.

The machine has several cameras recording a player's session, and likely has some microphones that will record all the shouting and yelling a player will make. Highlights might be shown on the display after each session. More interestingly, some random player just might have their session proudly shown on a billboard in Times Square.

The “Angry Birds” venting machine Will only be available on Thursday, November 21 in the middle of Times Square. Rovio doesn't have any plans to take it somewhere else just yet.