Hacker group Anonymous broke into the Houston County official Web site and altered the homepage, placing racy images on the page, late Monday.

DEFACED: http://www.houstoncounty.org/ by #Anonymous @CabinCr3w, the infamous hacker collective tweeted.

Hackers posted racy images of girls in their underwear on the homepage of the site. However, at the time of reporting, the Web site houstoncounty.org was made unavailable.

After announcing the hack of the Houston County Web site, Anonymous came up with yet another saying it had hacked a Chinese Police Web site, which happens to be that of the Panjin City Public Security Bureau. The hackers showed in a post in Pastebin how easy it was to attack these sites due to the lack of security they have for query/input filtering.

Chinese Police Website Hacked - http://gaj.panjin.gov.cn/ | http://pastebin.com/5UWvT5SR (via @s3rverexe) #Anonymous, the hacker group tweeted.

Anonymous Hacks Houston County and Chinese Police Web Sites, Leaked Data