NVIDIA President and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang delivers keynote address in San Jose
Antec's new PSUs will have the ability to handle maximum load scenarios REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

American-based PC components and accessories maker Antec Inc. has released its new 1200W PSU (Power Supply Unit) called HCP (High Current Pro) - 1200.

The unit is capable of outputting 99 percent of its rated power onto its eight +12v rails which have been designed to handle maximum load scenarios.

The company has assured that it is an 80 PLUS Gold-certified unit and will boast High Current heavy-gauge 16 AWG (American wire gauge) wiring to reduce conducted resistance and improve efficiency and power delivery.

The HCP-1200 has been built with 2 x 8-pin modular CPU connectors for dual-CPU gaming and other server applications, and will support a variety of SLI (Scalable Link Interface) configurations of Nvidia GTX 580 and 590s, at the same time, at about 1600 watts, the Think Digit website reported.