• Vantage is a Recon hero with high utility and good movement options
  • She can scan enemies and gather intel just by looking at them
  • Vantage's ultimate is a custom sniper rifle that tracks and debuffs enemies

Vantage, a brand new playable character for “Apex Legends,” is already on the horizon, and she’s about to bring her own brand of scouting and target detection that the existing roster of legends has not yet seen before.

Respawn has finally revealed Vantage’s official design and a few glimpses of her abilities in a new trailer, though the developers remained secretive about their details.

However, members of the community have already dug up Vantage’s kit even before Newcastle was released.

Here’s a quick recap of what could be Vantage’s final skill set when she releases as part of “Apex Legends” Season 14.

Passive – Sniper Kit

Vantage will be able to zoom in on targets using a long-ranged visor scope that shows important information about the target, such as the legend they are using, the number of squadmates they have and even the rarity of their body shield, according to a report from Dot Esports.

This gives players the upper hand in terms of planning as they will be able to avoid unfair fights and capitalize on advantageous ones. It’s also great for those final round pushes since it can help players identify which squads are still at full strength.

Tactical – Echo Launch

Vantage is accompanied by a pet bat that serves as a sort of anchor point for a jump jet-based movement ability. This is demonstrated in the trailer where Vantage uses Echo to gain the high-ground advantage against the enemy team.

On paper, this skill has a similar function to Loba’s translocator, though the other unique pros and cons of Echo Launch are yet to be seen.

Ultimate – Marked to Kill

Vantage takes out her custom sniper rifle that highlights targets that she hits with it, causing them to appear on the HUDs of the entire squad. Teammates deal increased damage against marked targets, and Vantage herself deals more damage per shot to tagged enemies.

To compensate for this, the weapon itself deals very little damage for a sniper rifle. The true value of this skill is its ability to pin enemies in cover while giving teammates the opportunity to push targets.

Vantage's custom rifle lets her and her team know exactly where enemies are, assuming she lands her shots well - Apex Legends
Vantage's custom rifle lets her and her team know exactly where enemies are, assuming she lands her shots well Respawn Entertainment