• "Saviors" will introduce a new champion, a rework to the ranked system and Storm Point changes
  • Previously-leaked information about Newcastle turned out to be accurate
  • More details regarding Newcastle and the ranked system will be revealed on April 28

The world of “Apex Legends” is set to be expanded yet again with the launch of the massively-popular battle royale’s 13th season dubbed “Saviors.”

Respawn released the official cinematic trailer for the upcoming season featuring Newcastle, the game’s latest addition to its growing roster of playable characters. However, the shield-totting soldier isn’t the only new thing coming to the game. Here’s a quick summary.

New Champion: Newcastle

Newcastle is a defensive specialist who can lay down cover for his teammates by deploying projectile-blocking energy barriers and entire walls that his team can use to their advantage. He is also able to drag injured teammates to safety while providing cover with a Knockdown Shield.

His abilities previously got leaked on Reddit, and Respawn’s reveal trailer confirmed the leaks to be true.

He is also one of Bangalore’s brothers, which should make for an interesting dynamic inside the Apex Games.

Stormpoint and the Downed Beast

The trailer showed off Newcastle, Bangalore and a few other legends fighting off a gigantic crustacean in one of the beaches in Storm Point. The official website calls the monster “The Downed Beast,” and it hints at the possibility of getting more loot at a risk of aggravating some unspecified threat.

Players might also encounter some differences in the Storm Point map due to the beast’s emergence, though details are scarce as of late.

Ranked System Rework

Season 13 will introduce another set of changes to how players can move up the ranked ladder in “Apex Legends.” In the season preview page, the developers noted that players would “rise and fall through the ranks together in a reworked Ranked system that rewards teamwork and skill.”

It’s likely that the game would be rewarding players who work together with their teammates instead of simply incentivizing good individual performance. Whether or not this will resolve the playerbase’s gripes with the current placement-oriented ranking system is still unknown. However, fans can expect more information regarding this big change and a clearer preview of Newcastle’s gameplay on April 28.

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