• “Apex Legends” players should always have a plan and never rush in blindly
  • Economy management is crucial
  • Gather as much information on the enemy as possible

The newly-introduced Arenas mode in “Apex Legends” has given players a new way to play the game, but the inherent nuances of this new mode mean that players will have to rethink their strategies if they want to keep their win streaks going.

It goes without saying that Arenas has key differences from the standard Battle Royale mode, but the core gameplay of “Apex Legends” remains a very important part of how the game mode is played. Players with a good-enough game sense can snowball through Arena matches while leaving their enemies in the dust.

Players who are struggling to find success in Arenas may have to slow down and think things through first as rushing in guns blazing won’t always work. Here are some tips on how to win more in Arenas mode as well as some general pointers on how to approach different scenarios.

Pick A Strategy

Movement and aiming skills are important in “Apex,” but strategy should never be overlooked. Of course, strategies will have to depend on which map is on the rotation and which Legends are on each team. Careful consideration of these factors can lead to different strategies of varying effectiveness.

Open maps like Phase Runner can be great for long-range engagements. Players can pick Marskman or Sniper Rifles and poke enemies until their resources run out. Conversely, players who are up against snipers can simply hide and wait until the circle shrinks.

Poking with medium-long range weapons can be a good tactic in every map, but players should always know when to push and when to pull back.

Always Grab Materials

Players should always try to get crafting materials to keep their economy healthy. More materials means better weapons or more upgrades for the next round. Try to get to as many material canisters as possible and always try to at least deal damage to the enemy for a performance bonus at the end of the round.

Spend Wisely

Don’t forget that there are supply caches littered around each map. These usually contain healing items like medkits, syringes and shield batteries. Players can opt out of buying healing items and instead rush these caches so they can have more money to spend on weapons and upgrades.

Always Gather Information

Always be on the lookout for where the enemy might be, what strategies they’re going for and what weapons they may have. Information as simple as enemy weapon choices can be extremely valuable in determining how to fight and how to approach each scenario.

Apex Legends - War Games Event Apex Legends - War Games Event Photo: Respawn Entertainment