Respawn Entertainment has recently revealed their new gameplan to fight cheaters in “Apex Legends.” Apparently, the developers are implementing a system that’ll match cheaters and spammers together. Moreover, players are discouraged from continuing to play with these players.

As seen on the official “Apex Legends” Reddit, the developers posted their plan to use machine learning with these cheaters. With this system, the game itself would be able to adapt to cheating and hacking patterns to assist in detecting these players. As of now, Respawn Entertainment has quelled many 770,000 cheaters off the game since its efforts that started three months after game’s release.

One of the new features will be the queue specific to cheaters and spammers pushed out into the live servers soon. This specific game would hold many cheaters together to prevent them from wreaking havoc in matches. With the implementation of the ranked mode, many competitive players would find hackers that ruin the whole experience.

So far, “Apex Legends” cheaters often have aimbots which allow them to shoot accurately regardless of what’s happening. Some cheaters often have speedhacks which allow players to run away faster even when downed. For now, many players haven’t been seeing these players as much due to the developers’ efforts.

On the other end, spammers are players who enter the game to just market the hacking program to players. These players only often join the match only up to the jumpmaster drop as they immediately quit the match once it starts. Regular players would often have to make do with two or even solo if they’ve unfortunately queued up with two of these players.

While these problematic players will be grouped up together, regular players are advised to keep on the look out for ones that get in regular matches. Winning and playing with a cheater would also get a player branded as a cheater which increases their chances to join the hellish match full of hackers.

At best, it would be best to leave the match as soon as possible when meeting these players in “Apex Legends” as the developers are placing these new features in the game’s systems.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends recently introduced update 1.2 which makes quite a few changes to the game. One of the more controversial changes is the removal of the bunny-hop heal, a technique used by many players. sercan çetin / Flickr