Respawn Entertainment’s “Apex Legends” has just kicked off the first week of Season 2. A new character, map and weapon changes have been rolled out with this update, which also introduces a different style of leveling up the battle pass.

On the official “Apex Legends” Reddit, the developers posted patch notes about all the changes in Season 2. The only map in the game, King’s Canyon, has received a slight overhaul as some new areas have been erected in the map.

Apparently, the gigantic creatures meekly wading in the sea right next to the map started trampling in the middle of the map after the tower in Repulsor broke down. To calm them down, another tower has been erected recently and construction of new buildings has started. These changes can be seen in the actual game map of the new King’s Canyon where players can explore, find loot and maybe even fight other players in it.

Meanwhile, a new character has been introduced named Wattson. The new legend is a tank character, which allows her to have the extra 10 percent defense boost despite not being as large as Gibraltar and Caustic when it comes to size.

Her skills focus on perimeter control where her Tactical ability allows her to link nodes that erect towers connected by electricity. Enemies will have a hard time approaching Wattson and her team as electric walls make it more difficult to flank them and her ultimate slowly charges broken shields and disintegrate grenades near its position. 

In addition, some changes have been introduced to the weapons as well. While most weapons have had their damage output tweaked, others have some new upgrades that can be found in-game. Energy weapons have had their base magazine clips reduced but extended energy magazines can be found in the map to further boost their capacity.

Meanwhile, the P2020 handun and Mozambique shotgun received a new hop-up called Hammerpoint Rounds, which boost damage to enemies without armor health. The Alternator submachinegun and RE-45 machine pistol also received a hop-up called Disruptor Rounds, which make its bullets more effective against Body Shields and Knockdown Shields.

The battle pass for this season also works differently as the plain experience bar is changed to a set of challenge quests to be completed for battle pass levels and extra experience.

Season 2 will last for three months and is expected to end around the first week of October.