Respawn Entertainment announced a new patch that may fix most of the "Apex Legends" game crashing problems. Crashes have long been a part of the online gameplay of this battle royale game since its release last month. Here’s what we know about this announcement.

According to the official Respawn Entertainment post on the "Apex Legends" Reddit, the developers confirmed that they’ve started collecting data for the usual crashes that happen for players in-game. In response to that data, the developers have pushed a patch today which may provide a fix to the game and help avoid future crashes.

While the developers did not specify the fixes, players will have to keep playing to see if "Apex Legends" will now be a stable game as it goes forward.

Since its release, game crashes have been a frequent experience among "Apex Legends" players. At times, players would find themselves crashing during important moments of the match, such as rushing in to fight or after collecting great equipment for their weapons. At worst, the game crashes can even come as early as the plane dropoff.

Since a reconnect feature isn’t available for "Apex Legends" yet, players would get frustrated as they are forcibly removed from matches without any chance of continuing their progress. For now, we’ll have to see how Respawn Entertainment handles "Apex Legends" when it comes to game stability.

Aside from the game’s stability, “Apex Legends” also has a problem with cheaters in-game. Third-party programs would grant some players tool-assisted aimbot for quick headshots and speedhack that allows players to move at impossible speeds. These are just some of the problems found in the game.

Currently, Respawn Entertainment has yet to officially acknowledge this problem and push out tighter security for the game.

As of now, the first season of Apex Legends, called “Wild Frontier,” has just started. Players can get exclusive cosmetics, loot boxes and even paid currency if they manage to level up their Battle Pass starting from level 1 up to 110. The whole season is running for three months, just in time for Season 2 which will also have its own set of new content.