Unfortunately, cheaters are on the rise in Respawn Entertainment’s “Apex Legends” battle royale, particularly in its Asian servers, as noted by its players. Similar to other shooting game hacks, the hacks provide players aimbots for automatic headshots and tool-assisted lockon which can ruin the game in the long run. Here’s what we know about this.

As seen on the now-closed threads on the “Apex Legends” reddit, the hackers on the Asian servers seem to be ruining the fun for the other players. While the content of the thread starters have been expunged, its Google results seem to have recorded some complaints from these threads before they got removed, as per Reddit rules against witch-hunting threads.

According to BoostedBoy312’s thread on Reddit, this hack site comes from hearing a voice comms message from one of their squadmates which are usually have gibberish names composed of numbers and letters. The message would be in Chinese which can be intelligible to non-speaking players but is actually a link to the site. After that, the bot would spam a code in the chat box which is said to be used in purchasing or using the hack from the site. These hacks would assist the players to have impeccable aim as long as enemies enter their sights but is still killable if other players can get a drop on them. Other Asian players have petitioned to launch an IP ban to China through Reddit due to this situation.

As seen on ShadowVulcan’s thread on Reddit, “Apex Legends” hasn’t been officially released in China and mixed its players in the Asian servers which prevents EA and Respawn to do any sweeping bans or other sanctions on these hackers. Since the hackers are present in the game, “Apex Legends” Easy anti-cheat program doesn’t seem to be an effective tool in blocking them out. Fortunately, none of the players on US servers have yet to see these hackers often and seem to only be on the PC platform. As of now, EA and Repsawn Entertainment has yet to address this issue

Even grappling to get out of their sights fast will not be enough to save yourself from them. Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends