Apex Legends Octane Wallpaper
Hopefully, the crash fixes will allow you to fight your opponents with style without worrying you'll suddenly turn into a box of loot. Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s “Apex Legends” has known to be a strong battle royale contender for the top spot since its release last February. However, its Twitch viewership has been dwindling and the lack of new content has its top streamers threatening to leave the game too. Here’s what we know about this new development.

According to VPEsports, the viewership of "Apex Legends" has dropped by 75 percent on Twitch, according to stats provided by Streamelements. In February, the game garnered around 40 million hours but now only has 10 million hours of viewership as of this April.

While the viewership losses are massive, “Apex Legends” is still alive and kicking with a healthy playerbase that prevents the game from having ridiculously long matchmaking times. Moreover, its community site on Reddit still keeps up a stream of day-to-day updates coming from the fans and even the developers.

Even though the playerbase is alive, one of its notable streamers, Shroud, said that he’s planning to leave “Apex Legends” permanently and opt for "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds" instead due to its “better game state.” In the few months of "Apex Legends'" existence, Shroud has been one of the top players who brings viewers to "Apex Legends."

"PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds" recently received many updates that reward the player for specifically using certain guns for a long time. Meanwhile, “Apex Legends” updates come in as surprises and the game barely has any teases as to when the next one will drop.

The notable problems of “Apex Legends” are its slow updates and server problems. Right now, players are still waiting for the next set of large updates after Octane’s introduction.

However, Respawn Entertainment recently released a weapon balancing patch which improved some guns and reduced ammo for some. After this update, Respawn Entertainment has not announced when the next update would arrive.

Lastly, “Apex Legends” also has a server problem where characters would become inexplicably sluggish after landing in the map for the first time. Regardless of the player’s attempts to sprint, speed boosts and abilities, the player would still move slowly. This issue prevents players from quickly reacting if they’ve chosen to start an area with many enemy teams around.

For now, "Apex Legends" has definitely dwindled fast in its few months' of existence, but we’ve yet to see how far its potential will reach once it fully releases its set of seasonal updates.