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Regardless of whoever you choose, each character easily goes down against hits from Peacekeepers and Wingmen. Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends

“Apex Legends” players are starting to look into playing one of the considered “worst” playable legend in the roster, Gibraltar. Apparently, players can immediately dispose the sticky throwing star grenade, Arc Star, if it hits his shield and he puts it away. Here’s what we know about this.

As seen on VonArne’s thread on the official “Apex Legends” Reddit, Gibraltar blocks an Arc Star with his Arm Shield and the grenade disappears when he puts it away. Normally, an Arc Stars that successfully sticks to a character spells their doom as Arc Stars easily makes work of any player’s shield. The grenade also affects other players caught in its disruptive electric blast in the area which makes it a popular choice among the available grenades in “Apex Legends”

Once the grenade hits, it goes out with an electrical bang which leaves players helpless as their screens are obscured and move extremely slow. In any shooting game, losing vision of enemies and not being able to move fast makes any player an easy target without any means of fighting back fast. However, Gibraltar prevents this with the bug on his shield.

Previously, Gibraltar was commonly known as a bad character to play as due as his large size made him an easy target to shoot at. This problem was remedied by the developers as they gave him a small defense buff which made larger character more durable than the smaller ones. Additionally, the developers have also improved his Arm Shield which allows it to take more bullets before breaking.

The developers are already looking into this issue and finding a resolution for this unforeseen bug. Before it was called a bug, many players felt it was a feature as it actually takes skill to block an incoming grenade in a fight. Due to the Arc Star’s arcing flight when thrown, it’s also difficult to actually stick the grenade to moving targets. For now, we’ll have to wait on Respawn Entertainment to push out an update to fix this problem.

“Apex Legends “ is currently on its first season and will have its next season start this coming June.