• "Shadow Royale" is a Halloween-specific game mode 
  • This mode allows fallen players to respawn as Shadows to help their surviving teammates
  • Shadows can double jump and run on walls but are restricted to using melee attacks only

Players will once again be able to play the Shadow Royale game mode in “Apex Legends” for a limited time as Respawn celebrates Halloween with its own version of terror.

In Shadow Royale, players who get eliminated will return as Shadows, ghostly forms of their former selves who can run around and assist their surviving squadmates. Shadows will be able to perform some of “Titanfall’s” iconic maneuvers like wall-running and double jumping, but they will be limited to melee attacks only.

Melee attacks may not bring much value in a gunfight, but the Shadows’ enhanced mobility can make close-quarter fights all the more tense and terrifying, especially when there are multiple ghosts in the room. To make things even scarier, Shadows are allowed unlimited revives until their last surviving fireteam member dies, in which case the entire squad will be eliminated from the game.

Apex Legends' Shadow Royale mode adds wall-running and double jumping to the game Apex Legends' Shadow Royale mode adds wall-running and double jumping to the game Photo: Respawn Entertainment

This limited-time game mode was first introduced back in Season 6 as part of the Fight or Fright Halloween event, where it was warmly welcomed by players who have been craving for a change of pace.

Shadow Royale comes as part of this year’s Monsters Within event, which added a handful of content drops for “Apex Legends.”

One of the main features of this new event is the introduction of the new Encore Arena, a small blood sport battleground located in Boreas, the home planet of Seer. The map features wide and open fields of fire with up to three levels of elevation and a plethora of sneaky flanking routes.

Players also gain access to an event-specific reward track that contains a number of goodies like Apex packs, battle pass XP and a new skin for Loba.

Speaking of skins, a whole host of Halloween skins are available for purchase via Monster Within Packs. These packs contain limited-time Halloween-themed cosmetics for players to celebrate the spooky season with. Monster Within Packs have anti-dupe protection, preventing players from getting the same items more than once.

The Monsters Within event as well as the Shadow Royale game mode will end on Nov. 2. Meanwhile, Encore will remain as a permanent map for the Arenas mode.