• The Evolution update for "Apex Legends" is now live
  • The update added a plethora of new content, including a rework to Rampart's ultimate
  • Rampart's heirloom weapon is now available

The first big mid-season content update for “Apex Legends” has hit live servers, and Rampart fans have a lot to be excited about.

The Evolution update features plenty of new content, such as a new POI and limited-time game modes and cosmetics for some of the most popular characters in “Apex Legends.” There is also a barrage of balance changes meant to tune both legends and weapons to be more competitive.

Here’s a quick summary of all the important bits of the new “Apex Legends” patch that fans will want to keep an eye out for.

The Rampage LMG, the newest weapon coming to Apex Legends in Season 10 The Rampage LMG, the newest weapon coming to Apex Legends in Season 10 Photo: Respawn Entertainment

New POI – Big Maude

Rampart’s mod shop Big Maude has found its way to World’s Edge, serving as a new POI for players to fight in. Apart from being a new area, the shop itself also sells fully-kitted weapons, which should incentivize players to pay Big Maude a visit.

Rampart Arenas Takeover

Arena players can expect the shop to sell certain modded weapons for much cheaper thanks to Rampart’s takeover. These upgraded versions will replace their lower-tier versions, significantly changing how these guns normally play in this game mode. Prepare to see more machine guns per game.

Rampart Ultimate Rework

Respawn has given Rampart the ability to carry her minigun around. Rampart will only have one magazine for this, however, so players should try to make every shot count or spend that magazine suppressing the right targets.

New Heirloom Weapon

Evolution introduced the Problem Solver, Rampart’s signature pipe wrench that triples as a melee weapon and gumball dispenser.


A new batch of limited-time cosmetics has been added to the game for Octane, Wraith, Fuse, Pathfinder, Bangalore and Lifeline. The store also got a new lineup of skins for sale featuring Crypto, Caustic, Bloodhound and Revenant.

Balance Changes

Revenant received a big nerf to his Death Totem, as it now plays a noticeable audio and visual cue whenever it’s played. Octane also got a nerf to his Jump Pad’s horizontal boost range as well as his passive HP regen.

Meanwhile, Bloodhound received a team-wide QoL change. Every time he pings a clue, his entire team will be able to see how long ago the said clue was from.

As for weapons, the Bocek’s draw speed was slightly reduced, while its max ammo and ammo-per-brick amounts were increased. Additionally, the Hemlok got a slight boost to its hipfire capabilities.

Shatter Caps’ damage for both the Bocek and the 30-30 Repeater got buffed by a small amount, while the L-Star got a slight nerf to its sustained fire capability.