• "Appare-Ranman!" episode 4 and beyond are delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • The third episode will telecast as per schedule
  • New airdates will be announced when the scheduled is decided by the company

“Appare-Ranman!” has joined the list of anime series delaying new episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Starting episode 4, the show will remain on a break.

P.A. Works, the Japanese animation studio, released a statement on their official website regarding the postponement starting episode 4.

The statement added that the company would announce new telecast and streaming dates of “Appare-Ranman!” episode 4 and beyond after the schedule is decided. The anime series airs on Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, BS11, Sun TV, AT-X, and Kitanihon Broadcasting, according to Anime News Network. Meanwhile, Funimation is the official streaming partner with English dub and English subtitles.

“Appare-Ranman!” revolves around an engineer named Sorano Appare and a samurai, Isshiki Kosame. The two are stuck on a boat that is sailing from Japan to America. With no money on them, the duo decides to participate in the Trans-America Wild Race to win the grand prize and head back to Japan. The story of the anime is set at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the next one.

Masakazu Hashimoto, director of “Appare-Ranman!” spoke with Anime News Network about the anime. The director was asked about why he chose the racing theme. He revealed that his first pitch was making the anime about golf, but it “was lacking a certain punch.”

“So then we talked about making it an adventure race, so that the characters race each other as they play golf in the forests and so on. Between the race and the golf element, we discussed which route was better to proceed with, and I eventually decided to go with the race theme,” Masakazu said.

He added that compared to golf, racing is a more intense sport and better suited to showcase “the heat and intensity through the characters' movements.”

Masakazu also talked about the setting of “Appare-Ranman!” in 19th century America. “There are quite a few Japanese works set in Europe that depict the old towns and the atmosphere there, but there aren't so many that are set in America. The ones that do exist are usually set in places like modern-day New York,” he said.

'Appare-Ranman!' episodes delayed due to coronavirus
'Appare-Ranman!' episodes delayed due to coronavirus YouTube/KADOKAWAanime