Apple 4G LTE iPhone in 2012, NOT this September
Apple now is selling the unlocked iPhone 4 with the prices of $649 and $749 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively. Both black and white iPhones are available with the same price and free shipping. IBTimes/Apple Inc.

The Apple iPhone that is equipped with high-speed 4G LTE may be too early to be released this September.

Apple has broken their three-year trend of introducing a new version of iPhone every June, stirring rumors and skepticisms in the smartphone community. Some said Apple was waiting for other technology and services, including Apple’s own iOS-5 and iCloud, to mature before the launch. Some said it is a shrewd marketing strategy against rival Android-based phones. And some worried whether Steve Jobs’ health problem is causing the delay.

The most recent rumors have set the new iPhone release date sometime in September and the device is to include features such as iOS 5, better camera (including 8-megapixel resolution and dual LED flash), higher resolution, better display, Near Field Communication (NFC), and 4G networks among others.

However, the recent report from Apple Insider questioned whether 4G LTE will be available in 2011. Analyst Shaw Wu has reportedly said the new device in fall will only have “interim upgrade” and 4G LTE supporting iPhone will “more likely” to arrive in 2012.

The reason for the absence, according to the report, is to wait for technological improvements, such as the battery life, and for expansion of LTE network.

If this report turns out to be true and the new Apple smartphone that is expected to come out in September will only have minor updates, then possibly the next generation of iPhone may be named “iPhone 4S” instead of “iPhone 5”.

Could this stop the iPhone fans from rushing into Apple stores in September?

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