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The new Apple AirPods Pro received positive reviews and warm users' reception, but like any other devices is it far from perfect. Getty Images/Stephen Lam

Speculations have been circulating about Apple’s next iteration of their AirPods wireless headphones. However, the current AirPods is currently one of Apple’s best devices out there. Here’s what we know about the next Apple wireless headphones.

As of now, the AirPods is the current wireless headphones from Apple, Aside from its ability to work with a fair amount of distance away from its device, the AirPods has been confirmed to have other features which include doubling up as a hearing aid, quick Siri access, 24 hour battery life and great sound quality. So far, these AirPods make the Apple smartphone experience a lot more smarter with this device around.

However, the speculations say that the upcoming “AirPods 2” will be better as it’ll have improved features and have new tools to keep up with the user’s healthy lifestyle. According to 9to5mac, the AirPods 2 will have the W2 chip added to it which improves its range, connectivity, and generally make it better than the first AirPods with the W1 chip.

Moreover, the AirPods 2 is also said to receive waterproof capabilities which the AirPods doesn’t have. Additionally, an electrocardiogram (ECG) feature would also be added to the AirPods. The ECG would read impulses from the ear to check for any heart irregularities on the user. So far, these new additions are health features which could help athletes or people with active lifestyles. The waterproof capabilities may be good enough for the AirPods to not only withstand moisture from sweat, but potentially be also used underwater if needed. Moreover, brisk joggers and marathon runners can use the AirPods to keep tabs on their heart rates as they do their cardio exercises.

For now, it seems like a good idea to upgrade to the AirPods 2 once it comes out this year. However, Apple fans should expect for it to be much more expensive due to the new features. Currently, the AirPods cost around $159. Lastly, we’ve yet to know to the exact release date of these new AirPods 2 but they’re expected to arrive during the first half of 2019.