Xiaomi Logo
The Xiaomi logo is seen in a Xiaomi shop in Beijing on November 7, 2018. Getty Images/Nicolas Asfouri

Apple has released its new AirPods wireless headphones, and it does have good features. However, the supposed Apple of China, Xiaomi, has released a similar product called AirDots. And here’s why Xiaomi’s AirDots are a better pick, aside from being cheaper.

According to Business Insider, a pair of Apple’s AirPods costs around $159, while AirDots only cost one-fifth of that price at $30. If you’re looking for the economic choice, Xiaomi’s AirDots are the way to go.

Meanwhile, AirPods look better when it comes to design style as it still has Apple’s reputation for good-looking products at a price. Apple’s headphones are slim and fit in your ears nicely. However, Xiaomi’s AirDots are far from being dots as their oval-shaped earpiece looks oversized for the ears despite it weighing less than the Apple headphones.

As for its reliability, both AirPods and AirDots will connect to the Bluetooth device smoothly. However, AirPods do have some inconsistencies, like only one earpiece would work or would lose connectivity with the Bluetooth device for a bit. The Bluetooth range of these earphones are also great as the Apple AirPods would be able to connect at the maximum of 12 meters, while the AirDots cover almost the same distance at 10 meters.

Meanwhile, the sound quality of AirDots beats AirPods as they have a superior bass, a clearer sound, and it even has a noise-canceling feature that Apple’s device doesn’t have. Xiaomi’s product is perfect if you want to have some quiet time when commuting or if you are in a noisy workplace.

Lastly, the battery lives of the two wireless devices only have a one-hour gap as the Apple device can last up to five hours while the AirDots can last up to four. Additionally, the Xiaomi AirDots use a USB cable, which is more readily available than the Apple lightning cables.

All in all, the Xiaomi AirDots are a good pick over Apple’s product right now. With its similar specs and low price, you can’t go wrong with buying it. Due to its low price, you can even buy some for your friends and family.