• Popular battle royale titles feature violence and killing
  • Apple Arcade offers a non-violent battle royale title called "Butter Royale"
  • The game is developed by a studio that has its roots in the company that developed "Candy Crush"

Most, if not all, battle royale titles put players in arenas where they are forced to shoot one another down until only one player remains standing. While the concept is seen as “fun” and has garnered an increasing number of fans all over the world, it goes without saying that most, if not all, of these titles are in one way or another violent and are thus not very family-friendly.

Apple noticed this and is now offering a family-friendly battle royale game titled “Butter Royale,” a game where players will shoot each other using the most interesting and safe of weapons – things like mayonnaise, bread and Parmesan cheese.

“Butter Royale” is a flashy multiplayer shooter that sort of falls in the same vein as “Fortnite,” but with a lot less violence, The Verge reported. Instead of having “Fortnite's” third-person view where players will see nothing but their weapons and the enemy they are shooting to death, “ Butter Royale” uses a top-down design that evokes the look and feel of classic dungeon crawlers.

Instead of having dark and gloomy environments such as those used in shooters like “DOOM” and “Overwatch,” or in dungeon crawlers like “Diablo,” “Butter Royale” has bright and colorful arena where players can throw food at each other to their hearts' content. And since the players will use nothing but food items, they are assured of nonviolent fun for longer.

“Butter Royale” is developed by a Singapore-based game company called Mighty Bear, which has its roots inside the same company that developed the popular “Candy Crush” franchise, King. That said, it's easy to understand why the game studio decided to create a child- and family-friendly game.

“We designed Butter Royale to push the envelope on fun and inclusivity. We want everyone in the family to love it and see themselves represented in the game, from young children to grandparents,” Mighty Bear CEO Simon Davis said in a statement, as per The Verge.

“It is also important to us that Butter Royale is a nonviolent shooter, so younger players can safely join in. The food-fight theme was perfect for that,” Davis added.

“Butter Royale” offers online and offline game modes, and allows players to choose from a total of 52 characters, each with his or her unique design and background. It is available for Apple Arcade subscribers.

iPhone X Apple Arcade will bring more than 100 games to subcribers. (Pictured: Kaiann Drance, Apple’s senior director, iPhone Worldwide Product Marketing speaks at an Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on September 12, 2018 in Cupertino, California.) Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images