Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson (ERIC) has filed two lawsuits against Apple (AAPL) for continuing to use its 5G patents in iPhones.

According to Reuters, the two tech companies have sued each other in the past over unsuccessful talks regarding the continuation of licensing contracts. The issue was resolved by establishing a new patent licensing agreement, although it has since expired.

Apple Ericsson Sign Patent Deal
Apple and Ericsson have signed a global patent deal, which ends all litigation between the companies and will see them working on future technologies together. Reuters

"Ericsson has refused to negotiate fair terms for renewing our patent licensing agreement, and instead has been suing Apple around the world to extort excessive royalties,” a spokesperson for Apple said. “We are asking the court to help determine a fair price."

An Ericsson spokesperson said that Apple is using its technology in the absence of a license, stating that it has "been unable to reach agreement on the terms and scope of a new license.”

"In 2015, Apple and Ericsson executed another global cross-license, covering both parties' patents related to the 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular standards,” the two lawsuits read. “Apple is no longer licensed to Ericsson's Essential Patents."