Despite his interest in cryptocurrency, Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook has rejected the idea that the technology company would accept crypto as payment.

“It's something, from a personal point of view, I'm interested in," Cook said. "I think it's reasonable to own [crypto] as part of a diversified portfolio. ... I've been interested in it for a while.”

However, Cook went on to say that Apple has no plans to accept crypto in the near future as a means of payment for its products. He did say that “there are other things" crypto-related "that [they're] definitely looking at," but he refused to elaborate: "It wouldn't be us if we didn't keep something up our sleeves," he added. 

Apple also has no plans to invest any of its cash in cryptocurrency, he clarified. Other noteworthy companies such as Tesla have invested in crypto, even accepting bitcoin as payment for a short while.

While Apple does not have any cryptocurrency services at the moment, crypto wallet apps are offered in the iPhone App Store. 

Cook received 5 million shares of Apple stock in August, which at the time was worth $750 million. He has said he wants to donate his entire fortune to charity.