Apple has recently been granted a second patent for its new car bumper technology. Aside from the usual bumpers that provide protection from accidents, Apple has found a way to innovate its bumper technology by allowing it to extend forward when the vehicle crashes. Potentially, this new bumper could be added to the company’s Project Titan car.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted one of Apple’s bumper patents recently. According to Patently Apple, this specific patent showed a design of a futuristic bumper that’s made to prevent further damage to the vehicle thanks to its extendable feature.

The bumper extends forward in response to force applied in front of it. While the damage is inevitable and immeasurable for any type of accidents, the bumper has a mechanism that reacts to the force and reduces the damage it can cause to the vehicle.

More than just being an extendable bumper, drivers also have a choice to retract or extend the bumper on command. With this feature, drivers can adjust the bumper, so they could fit well within the vehicle.

This patent could be a feature that’s launching with Apple’s Project Titan car. The company has yet to reveal specific details about this project, but it’s expected to be Apple’s entry into the electric car industry. While many fans have heard of this project through reports, Apple has yet to confirm details about this car.

Apple is known to be a company that regularly files patents. While the company has a reputation for innovation, not all of these patents actually go into production and become an actual product for the public to enjoy. Unless Project Titan or Apple itself is willing to partner with an automobile company, this bumper technology may just remain another file in the company’s big library of patents.

The company has also shifted into producing and improving its services. Some of these services are expected to be released later this year. More than venturing into the electric vehicle market, Apple’s interest seem to lie on improving the software, services and features it can offer with its electronic devices.