Apple has started to push out the new watchOS 6 beta update for the Apple Watches. The new update will finally make the smartwatch function independently from iPhones. However, the watchOS 6 beta will still rely on the iPhone permission features.

When Apple releases the beta for the watchOS 6, users would be able to see all the new features in the update. To install this beta, users will need to check their phone’s Settings and check the General options for the Software Update button. This will download the beta to their phone.

Even though the beta marks the independence of the Apple Watch from the iPhone, the smartwatch will need permission from an iPhone device for this update. This process will be the last as the watchOS will now allow the Apple Watch to manage its updates independently without any need for a third-party device.

Previously, the Apple Watch was mostly a companion device for the iPhone. While iPhones can work separately on their own, the Apple Watch needed owners to also have an iPhone device in order to fully make use of its features. Most of Apple Watch apps are complementary to the owner’s iPhone apps so users could check on their iPhone without actually bringing out their device.

With watchOS 6 beta, users will get a feel for the Apple Watch’s own set of standalone features. The official release of the watchOS 6 will be in September. By that time, all of the features found in the beta will be polished for efficient use.

During the recent Worldwide Developers Conference 2019, Apple also pushed out other firmwares for their other devices. Apple is setting up releases for its new services this year around the official release of watchOS 6. Apple still has three months to upgrade the watchOS.