Apple iPad 2
The iPad 2 was originally released on March 11th. Apple

On the same day that Apple made the iPad 2 available in another 25 countries, the company has altered delivery estimates for orders from the U.S.

Apple now estimates to 3-4 weeks, likely signaling that supplies for the device are improving. Delivery estimates for the device ballooned to 4-5 weeks in the wake of the earthquake-borne disaster that struck Japan earlier this month.

Many analysts anticipated that the crisis would affect the supply chain for Apple's tablet, which draws many of its components from Japanese manufacturers. Japan is one of the world's largest sources of semiconductors and NAND flash memory, which the iPad 2 is equipped with.

Apple originally planned to release the iPad 2 in Japan on March 25, but pushed that date back in the wake of concerns that its Japan operation needed time to recover from the crisis in Japan.