• A leaker claims that Apple hasn't scrapped the butterfly keyboard yet
  • The leaker said Apple is still working on the problematic keyboard
  • The butterfly keyboard might see a comeback in the future

While it appears that Apple has already replaced the problematic butterfly keyboard with the Magic Keyboard on its new MacBooks, a leaker claims that the Cupertino tech giant hasn't actually scrapped the notorious keyboard, but is working to improve it for a future release.

According to a tweet from a Twitter leaker known as @L0vetodream, Apple didn't stop working on the butterfly keyboard, even if it has already been replaced with the newer scissor mechanism-using Magic Keyboard.

The leaker claimed that Apple is still working on fixing some of the problems associated with the butterfly keyboard, and is also working on overall improvements. The leaker added that the keyboard might be re-released in the future if Cupertino succeeds in solving its woes:

“apple (sic) did not give up on butterfly keyboard, they are trying to improve on the structure, and solve the issue, we might see it comes (sic) back again in future, ” the leaker tweeted.

Why does this matter?
Many consumers who used MacBooks with the butterfly keyboard knew just how problematic it could be. While the butterfly keyboard did offer some benefits such as a slimmer profile compared to scissor keyboards, the keys on butterfly keyboards were prone to malfunctioning whenever dirt or debris made their way under the keycaps.

The number of consumers complaining about the keyboard's issues caused Apple to launch a free keyboard repair program, Cult of Mac noted. But even after redesigning the butterfly keyboard and using different parts underneath the keycap, the problems still existed, finally prompting Cupertino to replace it with the more reliable scissor mechanism-using Magic Keyboard.

If @L0vetodream's tweet is accurate, then it appears that in the future, Apple will be selling MacBooks with butterfly keyboards again. Whether these keyboards will be more reliable to the older models or not remains to be seen.

Is the leaker even reliable?
@L0vetodream didn't cite any source, indicating that it could be first-hand information or just a mere rumor. Nevertheless, this isn't the first time it leaked something related to Apple. Some of its claims were even confirmed by Jon Prosser of Frontpage Tech.

What's more, Apple hasn't admitted the fact that the butterfly keyboard had been a failure. The company's silence about it might also add weight to the leaker's claims.

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