Just a few days since a third-party app that’s designed to find Apple’s wireless headphones called the AirPods made headlines, the Cupertino giant decided to remove it from its App Store. Users who purchased the app are now advised to request for a refund through iTunes.

Last Friday, MacRumors featured a third-party app that alleviates the fear of AirPods owners of losing Apple’s Bluetooth headphones. The app, appropriately called “Finder for AirPods,” measures the Bluetooth signal strength of lost AirPods, so owners can easily locate where the in-ear headphones are.

The iOS developer responsible for the helpful app was Deucks. The $3.99 app conspicuously has the same interface as other Bluetooth-tracking apps, such as Tile. It shows an arc that measures how strong the Bluetooth signal from the lost AirPod is.

Because the AirPods were made to be wireless, they constantly caused owners to worry for their whereabouts. Safekeeping is facilitated by the Charging Case that comes with the headphones, but it does not ensure that the AirPods will never be lost or misplaced by owners. Besides, getting a replacement AirPod would require one to pay $69. Therefore, tracking apps could really come in handy.

This Monday, MacRumors updated its story about the Finder for AirPods app saying that Apple has removed it from the App Store. The creator of the app reportedly said the Cupertino giant did not like the idea of consumers finding their lost AirPods.

The Verge reached out to Apple for it to clarify its side of the story. The company has yet to reveal what led it to remove the app, but the tech news site has pointed out that the reason could be the inaccuracy of the app’s tracking mechanism. For now, users who purchased Finder for AirPods are advised to get a refund for the defunct app via iTunes.