• Apple TV+ is nearing the end of its free trial period
  • However, Apple has decided to extend Apple TV+'s free trial period through February next year
  • This can entice more consumers to try out the streaming service

Apple launched Apple TV+ last year alongside the iPhone 11 series. At the time, the Cupertino tech giant said it will offer one free year of Apple TV+ to those who will buy new devices. Those who did buy new iPhones were able to enjoy the company's TV offerings without having to pay a cent.

The free trial period is almost nearing its end, but Apple told TechCrunch that it is extending the free subscription period by a few more months and will bill subscribers starting February 2021.

The report said the extension includes everyone whose Apple TV+ free trials are set to end on Nov. 1, 2020, through Jan. 31, 2021. Those whose free trials are scheduled to end on Nov. 15, 2020, for example, will have their first billing date on Feb. 15, 2021, and so on.

TechCrunch added that Apple's decision to extend free trials includes those who subscribed to the service without purchasing a new device. These subscribers will also be able to enjoy Apple TV+ for free until February next year.

In addition, those who paid for a monthly or annual Apple TV+ plan will receive credits worth $4.99 for each month through February. These credits can be used for other things such as purchases made via the iOS App Store.

Apple will send emails to customers informing them of the extension period, per TechCrunch. The Cupertino tech giant might explain the mechanics to help consumers better understand how it works.


It's currently unclear why Apple decided to push back the end of Apple TV+'s free trials, but The Verge noted that it's a “smart move” for the company.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many consumers to stay in their homes for fear of getting infected. As people stay inside their homes for longer periods of time, they are looking for other forms of entertainment such as streaming services. By extending Apple TV+'s free trial period, Apple might be able to entice more people to try it out.

People may turn to streaming services like Apple TV+ avoid avoid movie theaters if the coronavirus epidemic worsens
People may turn to streaming services like Apple TV+ avoid avoid movie theaters if the coronavirus epidemic worsens AFP / Josh Edelson