According to gaming site GameRevolution, Apple has patented a dual-shock gaming controller. Kotaku speculated in April that Apple was secretly developing a video game console that was similar, in concept, to Microsoft's Kinect console add-on. This would mean that their console would support movement, and, in typical Apple fashion, would work in harmony with Apple's touch-screen television.

The idea of launching a new console amid rumors of Sony and Microsoft's plans is an exciting prospect, but not one to be taken lightly. The Ouya is also looking to stake a claim on the market, as well. Nintendo is continuing its console development cycle by introducing the Wii U to gamers, projected for the fourth quarter of 2012. By entering into the crowded and fiercely competitive gaming console market, Apple could either lose or win big, depending on what developers and exclusives they land. Apple diehards would surely line up down the blocks of every store in the country to get a console, though, as Apple fans are fiercely loyal.

The GameRevolution article is quick to point out that the controller that's currently patented by Apple could very well be an add-on to their existing Apple television set. This would allow plays to make use of their iOS apps on their television screen. This concept isn't dissimilar to the Ouya's plan of utilizing the Droid system to enable gamers to play Droid-powered games on their televisions sets.

The controller is apparently wireless, as well. It also shares more than a passing resemblance to the current dual-shock gaming controller utilized by Sony. The patent, published online, states that the controller is "a method for controlling a variety of electronic devices." Sounds almost like a universal remote, capable of controlling all things Apple.