Apple Inc, failed to find a place in a latest ranking of top 20 corporate brands in India, though it topped similar surveys in the US and UK.

While Indian-based companies Infosys Technologies and Tata Group topped the lists, Apple stood at the 40th position. Google India, Facebook, and Nokia are the only foreign companies to find a place in the top 10 list.

The TLG Communications, which conducted the survey, said there could be many reasons why Apple was finding to difficult to penetrate the Indian market, including the fact that India lacks 3G network.

The new ranking raises serious doubts about the failure of company's strategy in one of the fastest-growing technology markets globally. Experts say that Apple fails to adapt its business model to local consumers.

The survey also said Infosys and Tata are the multinational companies with major investments in the US and UK. Also, they are emerging players in high-value sectors in the western markets.

The survey titled “Thought Leaders 2011” identifies the corporate brands that can change attitudes and behaviors of consumers, employees and other stakeholders.