• Coronavirus has placed tech companies in China is a bad situation
  • Apple, which has processes in China, is affected by the virus outbreak
  • Despite the virus, Apple is developing new devices for 2020, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims

The current coronavirus problem has affected many, particularly those who live in China. The concerns and worries about the virus have caused various companies to temporarily shut down. Some of the companies that tried to open and resume operations are still struggling to produce as much as they did prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Apple is one of these companies. Yet, despite the problems posed by COVID-19, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Cupertino is looking to release new products in 2020.

In a research note sent to investors (and seen by MacRumors), the famed analyst said Apple is developing new MacBooks and iPads, and the process for that remains unfazed by the current virus.

“The product research and development for mini LED remain unaffected by the COVID-19,” he said.

Kuo predicts that the iPhone maker is busy developing six devices that use new mini-LED technology. These devices include a 12.9-inch MacBook Pro, a 14.1-inch MacBook Pro, a 16-inch MacBook Pro, a 10.2-inch iPad, a 7.9-inch iPad Mini and a 27-inch iMac Pro. At least two of these devices are worth noting due to the fact that they're either new or a much-needed refresh.

The 14.1-inch MacBook Pro in particular seems to be a new product that Apple hasn't announced yet. Kuo said this model is an “upgrade” from the existing 13.3-inch MacBook Pro. The report indicates that this will be sold alongside the new 16-inch MacBook Pro model, and might be seen as a more portable version of the powerful device.

MacRumors noted that according to Kuo, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be launched in the fourth quarter of the year. The new site speculates that the 14.1-inch model will also be released at the same time.

The 27-inch iMac Pro, on the other hand, is a welcome refresh for the device that was released more than two years ago in 2017. Apple didn't release a new model, but instead released the more powerful and more expensive Mac Pro. Not much is known about this model, but Kuo expects it to launch in the fourth quarter of the year.

Although Kuo's predictions are generally accurate, fans will do best to take the expected release dates with a grain of salt, and stay tuned for more updates as they come.

iMac Pro
The 2017 iMac Pro continues to be a real workhorse for many users today. Reuters/Stephen Lam