Possible Apple TV prototype design
Apple TV to Be Released This Year? telegraph

Is a 42-inch Apple HDTV on its way with a price tag of $1499? Yes, if reports claiming that Best Buy is surveying customers' expectations from the highly anticipated Apple TV, are to be believed.

According to Best Buy's survey, Apple HDTV will boast of a 42-inch display, iOS, iCloud, iSight and more. And the device also can access App Store, which will let you download and use apps on the large screen. With the help of your iPad or iPhone, you will also be able to control the big box remotely. Moreover, the TV reportedly will also be able to access Netflix, YouTube, and Flickr, which means you can buy or watch videos on the Internet via the TV.

All sound dream-like, right? According to Best Buy, if you pay $1499, the dream might become a reality in a not-so-distant future.

However, according to the Verge, iSight is a strange idea because Apple already has FaceTime on its iDevices.

Although the Verge got the screenshot of the survey from an unnamed source, it said it has verified that the survey is real. The survey was administered by a Norwegian research firm called Confirmit, one of the Best Buy's partners.

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