Beta testing for Apple’s iOS 10.2 update may have hyped up consumers for the addition of new emojis and redesign of existing ones. What beta testers may not have uncovered or anticipated with this new update, however, is the upgrade to the Home app that is quite handy for Smart Home owners.

The Cupertino giant launched iOS 10.2 on Monday, and many users quickly jumped into the bandwagon of updating their iOS-running devices. While many may have focused on the already leaked modifications the update was expected to bring, there were also those who grabbed the chance to thoroughly examine what the new software update does to certain apps.

Hours following the release of the new software update for iPhones and iPads, AppleInsider’s Neil Hughes discovered that the Home app was also updated with meaningful changes. The first modification pertains to the addition of instant alerts for various connected smart devices. From now on, iOS users who have connected certain HomeKit accessories to their devices will receive notifications whenever the need arises. For example, when water leak sensors detect something is odd, it will alert the user via the Home app right away.

Once iOS 10.2 is installed, users will right away notice how connected devices that are supported by this new feature send notifications. For users who find certain accessories to be less important, they may disable their notifications from the Status and Notifications settings. They may also choose to modify which sensors can only send alerts to their Home app.

Another interesting modification refers to how HomeKit accessories can also notify iOS 10 users whenever there is an update available for their support. After all, it is quite important for HomeKit accessories to be up to date so their performance are not compromised. Moreover, this alerting system makes it easier for users to update their HomeKit accessories without the need to manually checking for their updates on a daily basis.

As previously reported, iOS 10.2 was launched months after the September release of iOS 10 alongside the new iPhones. With this new software update, users now have access to Apple’s new TV app, the Single Sign-On feature for Apple TV, a slew of new and revamped emojis, a couple of new wallpapers and design changes to the Music app, among others.