• Apple's new Powerbeats model offers a lot of interesting features
  • The new audio accessory looks sleek and feels premium
  • Powerbeats 4 will sell for $149 when it becomes available

Apple is expected to release a follow up to the Powerbeats 3 called the Powerbeats 4 – a pair of wireless but wired headphones that combines new designs and trusted technologies in an affordable package.

Apple Insider got its hands on a pair of Powerbeats 4 and revealed what the device looks like, what its features are, how it feels when used, and what fans can expect once they get their hands on one. Here are some of the preview's first impressions:

Packaging is pretty straightforward

The Powerbeats 4 comes in a recyclable box. The audio accessory is safely packed in there and comes with four different-sized ear tips, a charging cable, some user guides and a nylon travel bag perfect for when taking it out during runs, workouts or simple walks.

It feels premium

The Powerbeats 4 offers a premium look and feel. It combines the sleek looks of the Powerbeats Pro but adds wires to connect one piece to the other like the Powerbeats 3. It is made of plastic and silicone, but it doesn't look and feel cheap. Apple Insider noted how the “design is much more polished.”

Has new technologies

Apple Insider noted that the Powerbeats 4 “likely” houses Apple's H1 chip. This is evidenced by the fact that the Powerbeats 4 boasts of improved battery life compared to the Powerbeats 3 (15 hours vs. 12 hours), and also offers support for “Hey Siri.”

Designed to perform

The new audio accessory is obviously designed to perform. The earhooks are moldable, allowing the device to stay on the user's ears regardless of activity. The cable, which now dangles from the end of the earhooks, is rounded. Apple Insider noted how the rounded cable doesn't stick to sweaty necks, which is often the case when working out at the gym, jogging or running elsewhere.

Easy to operate

The Powerbeats 4 are easy to operate. A power button is located on top of the left earpiece's bridge, while the volume rocker is located on top of the right earpiece's bridge. The Beats logo on the right earpiece is a depressible button that controls playback and allows users to wake Siri up.

It's very simple

This new audio accessible is a no-frills kind of device. It's very basic – has no ANC, no auto pause, and no Transparency mode. It is charged using a Lightning connector, and makes use of a new “Fast Fuel” feature that yields an hour of playback time with only a 5-minute charge.

Apple Insider noted that the Powerbeats 4 will work best when paired with a device running on iOS 13.4. That iOS version hasn't been released for the public yet, but that's no problem – the Powerbeats 4 isn't widely available yet as well. Those who want to get it in time will only need to spend $149.

Powerbeats 4 in Red
Powerbeats 4 in Red Beats by Dre