Apple iPad dominance: reaching 100000 apps is just the beginning
Nicholas Callaway, (R) founder of Callaway Digital Arts poses with members of his staff as they hold Apple Ipads displaying Ipad apps Reuters

The iPad 100,000 apps milestone marks the success of a tablet dominated market held by Apple. The frenzy of tablets originated with the company's first iPad release in 2010. Since then iPad and iPad two have held its top position growing from 3,000 to 100,000 developed apps for iPad in only 16 months.

Apple's apps milestone is just the beginning as recent reports have said that iPad development is picking up to meet with high demand and future outlook. The high number of apps developed for iPads is a good measuring stick in seeing where developer interests lie. Though Android popularity has risen, a majority of apps still hold in Apple's favor. Developers have built apps mad for iPad's large 9.7 inch display. These apps may run more intense functions thanks to a more powerful dual A5 processor.

According to analyst Charlie Wolf, Apple has nothing to worry about from their competitors as the iPad has continually delivered services that new tablets have not been able to compete with.

While competitors have rushed to launch competing tablets, they have made an imperceptible dent in the trajectory of iPad sales, Wolf wrote in a note to investors. They have been unable to undercut the price of the iPad; and they're fallen woefully short in matching its features, ease-of-use and the number of applications written for the device...Indeed, the only risk in our forecast is on the supply side, not the demand side, said Wolf.

Apple experienced the mother of all backlogs, due to high demand with their iPad 2. They are taking extra precaution to prevent that from happening next quarter. iPad 2 tablets have boosted shipment numbers to 14 million in preparation for next quarters supply. This will be an increase from last quarter's 9 million shipments. In a little over a year, Apple's iPad tablets have sold 25 million units and averaging 2.76 million per month this quarter. At this pace, we can see an astonishing 8 million tablets sold by the end of August.

The success of iPad 2 and increased shipments have put iPad 3 tablet's launch for this year in question. It would be very difficult if Apple plans to increase iPad 2 shipment and produce iPad 3 for this year's release. Speculations have reported that iPad 3 may not hit stores until 2012. Those holding out for the iPad 3 release may want to reconsider if it is worth the wait, or better to grab an iPad 2, hopefully without a waiting list.