Apple’s next generation iPhone 11 and its higher spec variants are now on sale and available all around the world. Starting today, Apple fans can now have this new smartphone and enjoy its improved specs compared to the iPhone X generation.

As seen from the official Apple site, the company confirmed the availability of the new iPhone 11 since its stores opened last September 20. All Apple Stores throughout the world will now have an iPhone 11 in stock on its shelves. Fans interested to buy one as soon as possible can check the nearest Apple Store in their area to buy one.

An iPhone 11 costs from around $699 (64GB) to $849 (256GB) depending on its internal memory’s size if bought right now. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 Pro also has a price range of $999 (64GB) to $1,449(512GB). Lastly, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at $1099 (64GB) to $1449 (512GB). Compared to the prices of the previous iPhone XR generation, the new iPhone 11’s price ranges are much cheaper.

Overall, the new iPhone 11 and its variants offers improved hardware and an whole new camera. The new iPhone 11 has enough hardware and camera technology to take 3D images. These photos can show a visible depth for its viewers which would allow a whole new way of picture content on social media. So far, the iPhone 11 seems to be one of the few devices that can support taking this new type of images.

Other than the new iPhones, the company is also planning to launch more of its new services and subscriptions later this year. Aside from releasing a top-of-the-line device, Apple is also looking to expand its business to provide more services for its devices. Owners of Apple devices have more reasons to rely on the company’s devices due to its specs, features, and apps it can run.

After the release of the iPhone 11, the next iPhone generation is said to be a massive overhaul to the device. The iPhone 11 is mostly seen by many reviewers to only offer hardware and camera upgrades while the next iPhone generation would include a whole new feature. For now, we’ll have to wait to see if the iPhone 11 will do well and give way for the next generation to come in.

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