The latest iOS 13 update has introduced some new upgrades to its Photos app. The new features included provide more control in editing and even prevents major errors from happening. Here are some tips on how these new features work.

Photos Tab

The Photos tab allows users to sort out their pictures to help them search and keep track of their photos.  This feature shows an efficient way of browsing through the whole gallery especially if there already hundreds and thousands of photos stored in your iPhone’s memory.

The Photos Tabs can sort out photos into four different category tabs namely Year, Days, Months, and All Photos. While the iPhone sorts out your camera shots according to dates, the tab allocated to the Months will have previews to the videos and live photos found in the tab.

Easy Reverts

During editing, major mistakes often happen and often ruin pictures which make them unusable on social media. In the iOS 13 update, users can revert images back to its previous states through simply browsing through the menus.

The feature allows users to have easy backup files if they want to reverse an edit or have another copy of the picture.

Photo Editor Improvements

The Photo Editor in iOS 13 has been overhauled to have an easier presentation of its tools and even look similarly to Instagram’s image editors. Tools can be found on the upper part of the screen and have sliders to change the intensity of these tools.

Basic features such as Brightness and Contrast are available while other advanced tools like Vibrance and Highlights control are also available.

The new Photo Editor effectively eliminates the needs to download third-party apps for image editing.

Video Editor Upgrades

Other than its photo editor, the iOS 13 update also added some new features to the View Editor. Cropping videos, and changing its aspect ratio is a cinch with the new app features. All the editing tools used for the Photos app are also available to be applied for videos.

More updates to the iOS 13 and Photos app may be announced this coming October as another special event is scheduled on the month.