Apple is expected to release this year’s iPhones in just a few weeks’ time. What can consumers expect from Cupertino’s new flagships? Here are some of them.

Earlier reports indicated that Cupertino will be launching three new iPhone models at the same time, likely next month if previous release dates are to be followed. All three will succeed the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, and will be called the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

A report from Bloomberg confirms that Apple plans to release three new iPhones. All of them will have upgraded features inside and out. Here’s what to expect from them:

Upgraded Cameras

All three iPhones are expected to have upgraded camera setups. The iPhone XS and XS Max successors are tipped to have three rear-mounted cameras, while the iPhone XR successor, on the other hand, will sport two rear cameras.

Multi-angle Face ID Sensor

Bloomberg noted that the three new iPhones will have a new multi-angle Face ID sensor that has a wider field of view. This will make it easier for users to unlock their iPhones, even if the devices’ front camera isn’t aimed directly on their faces.

Faster Processors

The new iPhones are expected to feature faster A13 processors. This is made possible via a new component called “AMX” or “matrix” co-processor, which handles computations and other math-related tasks.

Reverse Wireless Charging

The 2019 iPhones are expected to have the ability to charge other devices simply by placing them on its back. While Apple isn’t the first tech company to release this feature called “reverse wireless charging,” it’s a fact that Apple users are seen to benefit from this especially if they’ve already invested in Cupertino’s ecosystem and already own the latest Apple Watch and wireless AirPods charging case.

Enhanced Water Resistance

The upcoming iPhone models are also expected to have enhanced water resistance. This will allow the new flagships to survive being submerged under water for more than half an hour. This is seen to benefit people who usually go near bodies of water, or those who love to use their iPhones near the kitchen sink, bath tub, or swimming pool.

iPhone Apple will be unveiling this year's iPhones soon, reports believe. (Pictured: Ann Thai, senior product marketing manager of the App Store at Apple Inc., speaks during a company product launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on March 25, 2019 in Cupertino, California. ) Photo: Michael Short/Getty Images