USB-C has been accepted as the standard charging port for many devices. Apple, however, continues to include slow 5-watt USB-A chargers with every iPhone purchase. A new leak says this is about to change with this year’s iPhone models.

According to ChargerLab, Cupertino will be shipping a charger with a USB-C port along with this year’s iPhones. The leaker says this has been “confirmed by a high level executive,” adding that it’s “very likely” to happen.

MacRumors noted that ChargerLab has a record of misses when it comes to leaks about Apple devices. The leaker reportedly claimed that USB-C chargers will be bundled with the 2018 OLED iPhones, the iPhone XS and XS Max. Of course, everyone knows that this didn’t happen. The 2018 iPad Pro models, however, were bundled with USB-C chargers and now have USB-C ports in lieu of Lightning.

ChargerLab also claimed eariler this year that Apple was in the process of mass-producing the AirPower wireless charger for the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Of course, this prediction was proven wrong when Cupertino announced that the supposedly revolutionary wireless charging device was cancelled due to some problems.

While these erroneous predictions might make anyone want to ignore ChargerLab’s latest claim, an earlier report from noted Apple blog Mac Otakara seems to agree with it. The Japanese blog said in April that Apple might include an 18W USB-C power adapter with this year’s iPhone models. A USB-C to Lightning cable could also be included in the box.

In another report, however, Mac Otakara said Apple might instead include 5-watt USB-A chargers with the 2019 iPhone models. Mac Otakara’s flip-flopping, of course, is but a sign that nothing is confirmed as of the moment.

Shift to USB-C

If Apple ever decides to make the shift to USB-C, it would mean that iPhones will be charged in lesser time compared to when they are charged using the standard 5-watt charger. iPhone Hacks noted that Cupertino could have deliberately delayed the jump since many users could still be using the older USB standard. It’s about time Apple made the jump and gave consumers a better charger.

Apple is expected to reveal this year’s iPhone lineup in a few weeks’ time, though, so it’s best to just wait for the tech giant to confirm if these leaks are true.

iphone charging Representational image Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Brendan Smialowski