• Apple is expected to release a new A-series chip with the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup
  • Recent iPhone trends indicate that the new processor will be better than the current A13 Bionic
  • This chip is expected to feature a 50% improvement in graphics processing, among other improvements

Apple is expected to release a new lineup of flagships that are rumored to feature new and enhanced specs, foremost of which is a new processor that will outdo the chip powering the Cupertino tech giant's current flagships.

What can fans expect from the new and upcoming chip believed to arrive with the iPhone 12 series? Here's a quick look at the possibilities, as per Macworld's analysis.

Better CPU performance

Although it's impossible to tell what Apple's unannounced chip might feature, one can simply expect it to be better than its predecessor because that's how the trend goes. Furthermore, Cupertino's chip will benefit from the improvements over at TSMC, since it's the company that makes chips for the iPhone-maker.

That said, the A14 chip, as it is believed to be called, will be made using TSMC's new 5nm process, which is expected to result in significant improvements in processing speed and power efficiency

Improved GPU performance

Apple's older A-Series chips improved on the graphics performance with every new iteration. Based on the 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme Unlimited test, the A8 was trumped by the A9, which was overtaken by the A10, which was outperformed by the A11, which was defeated by the A12 in sheer graphics performance.

The A13, on the other hand, left the A12 and made a “dramatic leap” in terms of benchmark scores. The result is significantly improved graphics on the A13 Bionic-powered iPhones.

If the trend continues, and Apple decides to do with the A14 what it did with the A13, users can expect a massive upgrade in graphics performance. “In other words, I think we can expect a 50 percent improvement in graphics performance for the kind of high-end graphics used in games,” Macworld noted.

This improvement, if it does arrive with the upcoming iPhone 12 series, will be a great plus for all Apple Arcade subscribers. Mobile games require the best graphics processing capabilities from any smartphone. Apple just might focus on this to entice those who buy an iPhone 12 model to subscribe to Apple Arcade, or to entice existing subscribers to upgrade to the iPhone 12 when it launches.

While it's worth noting that these are but predictions, they were made based on the improvement Apple did on its recent devices. These features, along with other expected specs, simply indicate that Cupertino might be releasing what could be the best iPhone lineup ever.

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