• New photos for an Apple smartphone mockup are currently circulating in the internet
  • It is rumored to be mockup device of the next iPhone 12
  • Apple has yet to announce any new updates about their next iPhone release

Leaks of a new iPhone has been circulating throughout the internet and is speculated to be the next flagship smartphone from Apple. The leaked iPhone 12’s sides looks more flat than the recent iPhone 11 designs. Here’s what we know about the mockup smartphone which could be Apple’s next smartphone for 2020.

New Flat Look

As seen on the a mockup Apple device seen on online market Alibaba, the device found on the online market looks like an iPhone 11 Pro Max but has flat sides instead as per MacOtakara. In the current generation, the iPhone 11 have more rounded sides. The last iPhone to have rounded sides was the iPhone Special Edition (SE) that was released in 2016.

The flat sides could be less comfortable than what Apple was previously known for. As of Tim Cook’s leadership, the company has been noting to let off on comfortable features to give way for improving the iPhone’s hardware and other features.

The rumored iPhone 12 is said to be around 159mm tall and 78mm wide which is slightly larger than the iPhone 11. The current iPhone is 151mm tall and 71.4mm wide.

Apple’s Next Smartphones

So far, Apple has yet to talk about the next generation of iPhones as 2019 ends. The company has yet to announce any new smartphones for 2020.

However, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo said that Apple is currently preparing another smartphone to follow up the success of the iPhone 11.  The analyst said that the “iPhone SE 2” would be arriving by early 2020. The new smartphone is said to follow on the success of not only the IPhone 11 but also the first iPhone SE. The smartphone is expected to be an affordable smartphone equipped with the latest processors of Apple but does not have access to iPhone 11’s other features.

Aside from a potential iPhone 11 leak, the images shown could also be the upcoming iPhone SE 2 instead of a flagship device.