Rumors have surfaced about the new curved glass display for the Apple's iPhone 5 or iPhone 4GS. As exciting as the curved glass display sounds, Korean smartphone companies such as Samsung and LG can tell you that it isn't new to the industry.

The Samsung Google Nexus S boasts a concave glass face that gives the users a more ergonomic feel when using and viewing their phone. Other devices with a curved glass display include Samsung's Galaxy Prevail and the LG T-Mobile G2x. All three phones are manufactured in South Korea, all with the curved glass design. Apple appears to be following in their footsteps, coming up with a curved glass phone of its own.

The LG G2x boasts an 8MP camera and a 2X 1 Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 2 AP20H dual-core processor. The anticipated new iPhone is claimed to also feature a fast dual core processor and 8MP camera.

According to a report from Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes, Apple has placed an order for glass cutting machines that are equipped to make curved glass covers. The curved glass is already featured in the company's iPod product line. The 300 glass cutting machines have already been mobilized to Foxconn assembly plants.

Fans are waiting to see the power of Apple's ingenuity and innovative design in the new device. With existing curved glass display phones, they are hoping the iPhone will have something to set it apart from the competition.

The new iPhones are expected to be released in late August or September 2011. Fans can expect to hear more details about the upcoming iPhone 5 at the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) next month.