Photos of what appear to be a prototype iPhone 6 hit the Internet late Wednesday night, offering consumers the opportunity to see what Apple’s next iPhone might look like. The leaked images of the purported iPhone 6 has all of the identifiers that seem to make it a legit prototype. But unfortunately for Apple fans, the device appears to be a fake.

iPhone 6-6 The bottom of what appears to be an iPhone 6, showing the lightning port and headphone jack.

The images first hit the Web when a Twitter user named mornray886 shared them on the social media giant. The anonymous user only has 10 tweets so far, and they are all of the iPhone photos. The images show what appears to be an iPhone in a series of different positions, highlighting a detachable back plate, the lightning charging port and Apple's logo.

iPhone 6-2 Is this the back of the new iPhone 6

The mockup shows a bezel-free iPhone that fits in line with the current list of rumors. The Apple-dedicated website MacRumors hired someone to measure the screen size in the pictures, and it came out close to the rumored 4.7-inch screen. The iPhone 6 has been speculated to come in two sizes, a 4.7-inch screen and a 5.5-inch screen. The larger of the two isn't shown.

The photos would also seem to support another rumor, that of a thinner frame. According to a report by LEDinside, the iPhone 6 will be able to achieve the desired thinness by using LED backlighting as opposed to traditional LCD. That means the new device could get closer to the size of the current iPod Touch. The supposed iPhone 6 in the photos matches that size pretty well.

iPhone 6-1 The front and back of a purported iPhone 6.

Still, no matter how closely the images seem to fit the rumors, there are telltale signs that point to the illegitimacy of the pictured iPhone 6. Firstly, one of the images shows the device’s front and back sides, both with bubble-like texture and smudges. But if you look closely, you can tell that the bubble texture is the same on both sides of the device, as this MacRumors participant pointed out. Secondly, another person showed that the smudging in one photo was actually taken from a mockup of an iPad that was created by 3D designer Martin Hajek.

Whether the iPhone 6 shown in these photos is real or not, it is still a possibility that the true iPhone 6 could look somewhat similar. But the only way that anyone will know for sure is when Apple announces the device, and some anticipate that may be in Fall 2014.