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HTC’s new and improved exterior design seen in the powerful upper-mid-ranger One A9 will appear in other HTC models, too. This includes the flagship series HTC One M and the HTC Desire lineup.

According to Focus Taiwan, Jack Tong, HTC’s president of North Asia, reportedly told the audience during a launch event, "Starting with the One A9, our design language will enter a different and fashionable phase." He added that the company will be extending the same design philosophy to HTC’s premium One M series and the affordable Desire series.

Tong apparently described the HTC One A9 design as a "milestone" for the Taiwanese tech giant. The 2015 flagship One M9 looks a lot like the predecessor One M8 and M7. With the new design on board, the company is planning to bank on the innovative design for more devices to come.

Design-wise, the HTC One A9 features an aluminum unibody chassis, GSM Arena noted. Other stand out aspect of the A9 is the software. This device runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, straight out of the box.

On the other hand, many reviewers across the globe have been pointing out that, there is a resemblance between the One A9 and the Apple iPhone 6S series. The obvious aspect is the antenna design and the rear-facing camera unit that juts out like the Apple device.

However, HTC has vehemently brushed off the claims that the A9 looks identical to the iPhone. Tong reportedly came to the rescue of HTC by saying "We're not copying. We made a unibody metal-clad phone in 2013. It's Apple that copies us in terms of the antenna design on the back," according to Want China Times.

In any case, HTC is betting on the One A9 precisely because of the uneventful reception meted out to the HTC One M9, Focus Taiwan noted.