Looks like the highly anticipated iPhone 8 won’t be any different from last year’s iPhone 7 at least in terms of size. A leaked diagram has now revealed the measurements of the next iOS flagship phone, and the numbers strongly suggest a handset that’s just as big as Apple’s iPhone 7. 

On Sunday, MacRumors spotted a leaked 3D design drawing of what seems to be the iPhone 8. The diagram was reportedly leaked by Weibo leaker KK who has a track record for outing accurate details of tech devices ahead of their launch. If this new illustration is to be believed, the next flagship phone from the Cupertino giant will measure 137.54 mm tall by 67.54 mm wide — not too far from the iPhone 7’s 138.3 mm length by 67.1 mm width. 

The leak does not reveal the thickness of the upcoming Apple smartphone, but it does indicate that the device’s screen will run 5.768 inches diagonally. The diagram also claims the bezels on all sides of the iPhone 8 would only be 4 mm. Thus, the handset would mostly be screen and the edges would be 2.D curved glass. Should this be true, then it’s clear that Apple plans to overshadow the Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display. 

The almost bezel-less-on-all-sides look would not be free from challenges however. Since there would be no relatively large top bezels to accommodate the front-facing camera and other sensors, Apple appears to be embedding all of the components within the display. Sadly, the leaked diagram does not have an illustration on how the screen-embedded camera, proximity sensors, 3D sensor and others would look like on the iPhone 8. 

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Interestingly, the leaked document corroborates previous reports saying Apple is ditching the physical Home button this year by opting for a display-embedded Touch ID sensor. Samsung actually failed to realize this type of technology for its Galaxy S8, so expectations are high that Tim Cook’s company could deliver this type of technology within this year. 

Part of the leaked document is a diagram showing the back of the iPhone 8. Based on the illustration, Apple appears to be working on a vertical dual camera on the back, and in-between the two lenses is LED flash. Because it’s still too early until Apple officially launches its new iPhones, everyone is advised to take iPhone leaks with a grain of salt. 

The emergence of this new diagram comes days after investors revealed last week that the Samsung’s biggest rival is having a difficult time developing display-embedded Touch ID. Because of this, there’s a possibility that Apple could be ditching the fingerprint sensor and let users rely solely on facial recognition, or just move the fingerprint scanner to the back of the handset just like what Samsung did. Another option that Apple has in its hands is to just delay the production of the iPhone 8 until it perfects the screen-embedded Touch ID technology for the device.