Contrary to previous reports, Apple could place the iPhone 8's fingerprint scanner on the back instead of embedding itd into the display panel. This is based on the latest leak about the highly anticipated iOS-running smartphone from Tim Cook’s company. 

During the weekend, a photo of what appears to be a PowerPoint presentation of the iPhone 8 was published on Slashleaks. It isn’t clear what the presentation contains because everything is in Chinese. What’s quite noticeable from the picture though is the featured back panel of the handset. It has cutouts for the vertically aligned dual-camera module, the Apple logo and a circular one that is believed to be made for the fingerprint reader. 

iPhone presentation Leaked PowerPoint presentation on iPhone 8. Photo: Slashleaks

If this leaked presentation is based on fact, it could mean Apple failed to successfully develop the display-embedded Touch ID reader in time for production of the iPhone 8. This could disappoint many fans who were expecting the advanced biometrics display technology this year. Apparently, ever since news about the iPhone 8 started popping out early this year, there was mention of a possible display-embedded Touch ID. 

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Another interesting thing about the newly leaked illustration is the small cut-out just under the camera module. AppleInsider called this an odd thing to have because the flash is not in-between the lenses but underneath the module. It is also important to note at this point the presentation is dated March 3, and there is no way to confirm if it was from the manufacturer. 

Recently leaked photos suggest the back panel would only have a cutout for the dual-lens camera and nothing more. However, anything is possible at this point considering Apple has yet to confirm the specs and features of the next-generation flagship iPhone. Besides, there is no way of verifying all of the leaks and rumors about the iPhone 8. The only thing that is certain for now is the fact that Apple will be releasing new iPhones in September. The tech giant reportedly is launching the iPhone 8 alongside the successors to last year’s models, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Of the three rumored handsets, the iPhone 8 is believed to be special because it will have all the premium features. It is said to sport the advanced edge-to-edge OLED display, a large battery and advanced 3D face-scanning technology. The device is also expected to be a complete redesign from the usual form factor of the latest iPhones. Plus, there have been reports claiming the 10th anniversary iPhone will come equipped with wireless charging technology. 

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The news about the PowerPoint presentation comes in the wake of a leak shared on Twitter by leaker Benjamin Geskin. The images Geskin uploaded show the different molds for the upcoming iPhones. Geskin did not give the dimensions of the three molds, but he did indicate the sizes of the next-generation iPhones are now 100 percent confirmed thanks to the templates. The leaker also noted it’s quite certain the Touch ID sensor won’t be placed on the back of the new iPhones. Instead, it will be embedded either into the power button or the display of the handsets.