• The iPhone is a very helpful tool
  • The apps that can be installed in the device further its usefulness
  • Here are some tricks to know about the iPhone's Calculator app

The iPhone is a very helpful device that can be used to do many things. This device's usefulness is furthered by the apps that come pre-installed, as well as the many apps that can be installed in it. One of these apps is the calculator.

Here are some tips and tricks that iPhone users need to know when using the Calculator app, as per MacRumors. These will help users maximize the use of the app for whatever need.

Delete numbers easily

Traditional calculators required users to be very careful when inputting numbers. Those who make a mistake are often required to delete everything, then input the numbers again. Those who do a lot of calculations, especially if it's their job, know just how frustrating that is.

Thankfully, the iPhone's Calculator app won't require users to enter the entire number again. Users can simply swipe right or left with one finger to erase the last number they entered. Swiping several times erases just as many digits.

Copy and Paste

Those who had just calculated something and are in need of copying the result to another app won't need a pen and paper to do so. Users can simply press and hold on the result, copy it, then paste it to the app they need to transfer it to.

Copy Last Result

Those who switched to another app to transfer the result, but forgot to copy it, won't need to switch back to the Calculator app to do so. All users need to do is to swipe up or down to launch Control Center, then press and hold on the Calculator button to call an option called “Copy Last Result.” This feature automatically copies the result of the last computation without opening the Calculator app.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing
iPhone 11 Pro Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)

Easy Calculations

iPhone users who need to make a quick computation will not need to launch the Calculator app to do so. All users need to do is swipe down from the Home Screen to bring up Spotlight, type their computations directly on the Search field located at the top of the screen, then see the results displayed quickly after.

Scientific calculator

Users who need more than just the basic calculator can use the Calculator app's scientific calculator mode. This is accessed simply by disabling the portrait orientation lock in Control Center, then by rotating the device to landscape mode. The app will transform from the basic calculator to a scientific calculator, complete with all the functions needed for advanced computations.