iPhone 7
A new report is claiming that the next flagship device after last year’s iPhone 7 is going to be named “iPhone Pro” and not “iPhone 8.” Reuters/Regis Duvignau

While many are already convinced that Apple is naming its next flagship smartphone “iPhone 8” based on the previous reports, leaks and predictions made by industry insiders, a new report is challenging this assumption using the very words Apple CEO Tim Cook said himself. This new report is claiming that to really make the 10th anniversary iPhone stand out from previous versions, it will most likely launch with “iPhone Pro” branding.

ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote Wednesday that as Apple is trying to revitalize iPhone sales, it could be introducing an iPhone Pro-named device to the market. Kingsley-Hughes asserted in his report that when Cook talked to investors and told them that the Cupertino giant will “do more in the pro area,” he was not necessarily pertaining to the company’s existing Pro-labeled products.

Though this may already seem like too far a stretch, Kingsley-Hughes insisted that Cook’s statement could be suggesting that Apple is going to launch an iPhone Pro instead of an iPhone 8 handset. One reason the reporter pointed out was because the iPhone series is the perfect place for Apple to start its move to expand because it is its leading cash cow.

Moreover, Kingsley-Hughes indicated that the Pro branding would be perfect for the 10th anniversary iPhone if all the rumors about its advanced specs and features turned out to be true. After all, the Pro moniker is used by the Cupertino giant to signify a different class of device from a product series, just like the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

Lastly, the other reason Kingsley-Hughes claimed that the next flagship phone will be called the iPhone Pro and not iPhone 8 is due to the fact that the latter will not make sense when the other two models will be named the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Using the figure 8 for this year will also cause some confusion when future iPhones are released.

The iPhone Pro claim comes after a new Apple patent surfaced online saying that the next-generation iPhone will have its fingerprint sensor embedded onto the entire span of the device’s screen. This would mean that users can touch anywhere on the display to do authentication via a fingerprint scan. It wasn’t made clear, however, if this patented invention will be part of the 10th anniversary iPhone or not.