• Apple recently released the new iPhone SE
  • Fans who bought the device complain about Haptic Touch not working in certain times
  • Apple is yet to release a fix for the problem

Apple has just released the new iPhone SE recently, but now some users who had purchased the handset are complaining that one of the useful features found on some older devices is not working.

The new iPhone SE is a budget-friendly handset that combines familiar features with new technologies. It has the chassis, look and some hardware of the iPhone 8, but features the A13 Bionic that powers the iPhone 11 series of handsets. It also has new features like the ability to produce Portrait shots using a single camera at the back of the phone.

One of the features that the handset brings back is Touch ID, a security feature found on pre-iPhone X models. This reliable security feature allows users to unlock their handsets safely by touching the Home Button and letting the embedded sensor read their fingerprint.

One of the features that doesn't come with the new iPhone SE, however, is 3D Touch, iPhoneHacks noted. This beloved feature allows users to do many things with their iPhones by simply tapping and holding on certain items on the screen. The feature has been replaced with Haptic Touch, which is a similar feature found on newer handsets.

Some Redditors who purchased the new iPhone SE, however, report that Haptic Touch isn't working on notifications. Normally, long-pressing on any notification calls out a context menu that gives users some options on what to do. This feature, which allows users to respond to notifications without unlocking the device, does not work on the new iPhone SE.

“I received my SE yesterday and very quickly realized that Haptic Touch is not supported on notifications,” a Redditor said. “Haptic Touch works for peek and pop, and on icons on the home screen but if you are on the lock screen or Notification Center and try to long press an email to archive, or a text to quick reply you are out of luck.”

Other Redditors responded to original poster and confirmed the issue to be true. One of them noticed that Haptic Touch only works with notifications while the iPhone SE is being used, and said that the issue “seems like an oversight.”

Redditors noted that Apple Support is unable to answer questions about the matter as of posting time. The International Business Times will report on Apple's response to the issue when it receives information about the matter.

2020 iPhone SE 2020 iPhone SE Photo: Apple