• Teardown expert iFixit tore an iPhone SE down
  • The site found the iPhone SE was compatible with some iPhone 8 parts
  • This will make repairing the new handset easier

Shortly after Apple released the new 2020 iPhone SE, teardown and repair experts at iFixit got their hands on one, tore it down, and found that it can use parts from the iPhone 8. This shouldn't come as a surprise considering how the new budget-friendly handset looks very similar to the older device, particularly its chassis.

iFixit said the 2020 iPhone SE's compatibility with some of the iPhone 8's parts and components makes it easier to repair the new device, 9To5Mac reported. The abundance of parts used in the iPhone 8 will make sourcing the parts easier, and might even make it cheaper compared to when getting a recent iPhone model, like the iPhone 11, repaired.

What's more, the iPhone SE's compatibility with iPhone 8 parts means that Apple won't have to produce as much parts as it needs to produce for other models. This leads to reduced manufacturing waste, which is a good thing for the environment.

2020 iPhone SE 2020 iPhone SE Photo: Apple

That said, here are the iPhone 8 parts that can be swapped with the new iPhone SE


  • iPhone SE’s cameras

iFixit said the front and rear cameras on the new iPhone SE can be swapped with those on the iPhone 8. A quick look at the hardware specs reveal that nothing much has changed – both feature the same megapixel and aperture sizes, Tom's Guide noted.

  • SIM tray

Consumers who change SIM cards often will be glad to know that they can get the iPhone 8's SIM tray and use it on the new iPhone SE.

  • Taptic Engine

iFixit noted that the iPhone SE can use the iPhone 8's Taptic Engine.

  • Display assembly

Lastly, iFixit found that the iPhone SE's display assembly can be swapped with the one on the iPhone 8. There's a catch here, however. iPhone SE users who get the display replaced with an iPhone 8 display assembly will lose True Tone unless they get help from a screen programmer.

Despite their similarities, the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 do have some parts that aren't compatible with each other:

Not Swappable

  • Home Button

Users will need to keep their original Home Button in the event of a repair. If the Home Button is the problem, users should pay Apple to fix it. Replacing it with an aftermarket part removes Touch ID.

  • Battery

The logic board connector on the iPhone SE's battery differs from the one in the 8. This means users will have to get a 2020 iPhone SE battery for the 2020 iPhone SE.